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We are working hard to get established and your donations are critical to enable us to offer our high quality day program for adults with special needs.


Within life skills we need to obtain everyday items such as creative arts materials including paints, marker pens and paper and we also require children's reading books and board games, all of which enable us to enrich these programs.


No donation is too small, but we are suggesting a minimum of $10 and you can donate via GoFundMe or PayPal (please click on the icons above). We and our students would really appreciate your support.


Finally, please note that Wayne's Cup is a not-for-profit organisation and therefore we are unable to issue a charitable giving tax receipt.

Sponsor a student like David

Students enjoying the coffee they made

Jenny is a single mother. Her son David is 25 years old and developmentally delayed.  Jenny works as a waitress in a local restaurant, and although her employer is very accommodating by giving her extra shifts, the job still does not give her enough income to cover the cost of David to attending a day program at Wayne’s cup.


After having left school at the age of 21, David attended various training programs and also managed to find the odd part-time job volunteering.  Unfortunately, none of these offered a real solution for his needs.  There is no structure in his working life and thus he now finds himself spending more and more time sitting at home, isolated and watching television for long periods at a time.  Sadly, this has led to an increase in both his anxiety and depression.


David receives money from the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) of around $850 per month. He is expected to pay rent, buy food and other essentials with these funds.  The Government has a program called "Passport Funding" which is designed to help families like David's pay for day care programs (such as Wayne’s cup) as well as respite care.  However, there are currently 14,000 adults in Ontario waiting to receive this funding!  Some individuals have waited over four years before they gaining access to these funds!


David attended a two-week day program at Wayne’s Cup to assess whether it would be suitable for him.  During the time he spent in the program his overall well-being improved, his anxiety and depression decreased as he made new friends and he developed a real sense of belonging.


Our fees at Wayne’s cup are $12.50 per hour.  For the average student it costs between $7,800 and $15,000 per year to attend.  In order to reap the benefits Wayne's cup has to offer, it is felt that a student should attend a minimum of three afternoons per week, as it is clear that adults with special needs thrive on routine, constancy and purpose in their daily lives.


(Please note that in order to protect the individual and his family, we have changed the names in this case study).


Whether you are an individual, charitable organisation or a business we really need your support to help students benefit from Wayne’s cup. As well as knowing that you have brought positive change to the life of an adult with special needs we will be happy (if you wish) to link from our website to yours and undertake social media coverage of how you have helped support the valuable work we undertake.


Please call us on 905-471-0808 or send an email to to find out more.

Organise a fundraiser or host an event

We would welcome the opportunity to partner with any individual or organisation who would be willing to organise a fundraiser or host an event to raise funds to support the development of Wayne’s cup.


Why not drop in for a chat and to see the work we do, or call us on 905-471-0808 to discuss your ideas.


We are always looking for volunteers to the join the team at Wayne’s cup.


Ideally, we require individuals with experience in the field of working with adults with special needs or who have culinary skills.


Please call into Wayne’s cup or call 905-471-0808 and ask for Shelley to discuss the opportunity to help Wayne’s cup.

...and finally a big thank you to all our supporters

We, and more importantly our students, would like to thank all of the individuals, companies and organisations who have helped by donating signage, equipment, cash or their time.


Without this critical support we would not be able to operate our high quality special needs program.



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