The Life Skills Centre at Wayne's cup


Life skills is an essential component of our day program for adults with special needs and covers the following areas which require constant attention:

✓ Personal hygiene, grooming and health

✓ Dressing;  including appropriate clothing for varying weather conditions as well as for different activities

✓ Household chores; including laundry, folding and hanging clothes as well as cleaning

✓ Nutrition and meal planning

✓ Grocery shopping

✓ Money management and budgeting

✓ Anger management

✓ Building, developing and maintaining relationships

✓ Literacy (reading and comprehension) and numeracy

✓Geography; Canada and the world

✓ Safety in the community

✓ Cognitive stimulation; including arts and crafts and making seasonal gifts

✓ Self-concept; exercises based on how someone thinks about, evaluates or perceives themselves

✓ Awareness of current affairs; a communication based class focused on developing social interaction


In this element of our program we try to have fun whilst equipping students with the necessary skills to give them a better quality of life.


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