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Global News (Making a Difference) visit Wayne's cup

On 3 February 2017, Susan Hay the anchor and producer of Making a Difference on Global News came to see the work undertaken at Wayne's cup café and life skills centre.

Video courtesy of Global News Toronto

CityNews pay a visit to Wayne's cup café

Video courtesy of CityNews, Toronto, Ontario

Wayne’s cup features in Markham Review

Wayne's cup features in Markham Review
Dr Helena Jaczek, MPP for Oak Ridges-Markham comes to meet the students and staff at Wayne’s cup
Helena Jaczek MPP with Thomas and Wayne

Helena with Thomas (left) and Wayne (right)

Sam, the dancing barista meets Ellen DeGeneres

Sam from Toronto, Canada is a barista who has autism.


To help him focus he dances his way through the workday and after a video of his dance moves went viral, Ellen DeGeneres just had to meet him and his boss in person.


Watch this video to hear from Sam who is a truly inspirational individual.

Including people with autism in our lives requires a change in thinking

Until quite recently, autism was generally regarded as a rare medical condition of childhood, in which affected individuals were severely handicapped and usually had to be institutionalised and cared for, often for lengthy periods, sometimes for life.


In only the past few years we have come to realise that this viewpoint was far too narrow and that our way of thinking had to radically change.


Read the rest of this excellent article by Vaughan Bowen from the Calgary Herald.

Mr Spock from Star Trek

The character Mr Spock from Star Trek shared traits associated with autism, but he was a valued member of the Starship Enterprise crew.

Cineplex offers sensory friendly screenings

Cineplex Entertainment in partnership with Autism Speaks Canada is offering Sensory Friendly Screenings.


This program provides a sensory friendly environment for individuals with autism spectrum disorder or anyone for whom the environment is suitable and their families to view new release films in theatres across the Canada.


Follow this link to find out more.

Cineplex sensory friendly screenings logo

The A Word

The A Word is a 6-part drama series about a messy extended family with a child newly diagnosed with autism at its centre.


More than that, it is a drama about a family who cannot communicate.  This is not because they aren’t smart, articulate or funny, but because, like most of us, there is a gulf between their deepest feelings and how they express them.


You can purchase this series by following this link.

Trailer courtesy of the BBC

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Helena Jaczek MPP with Thomas and Wayne
Mr Spock from Star Trek
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