The kitchen at Wayne's cup café


Our kitchen produces all the food which is freshly prepared each day and sold in our café.


Our students benefit from working in a small commercial kitchen to create a variety of sweet and savoury goodies.


Their targeted learning is focused on:


✓ Kitchen safety; based on each students ability they learn what is safe and unsafe in a potentially hazardous environment including which surfaces and items can be hot as well as working with knives

✓ Personal hygiene; learning the importance of washing hands, wearing gloves and wearing an apron

✓ Food hygiene; understanding best buy dates, learning basic food preparation including washing, the different methods of storing various food groups and avoidance of cross contamination during food preparation

✓ Food recognition

✓ Recipes; learning the recipes for the items sold in our café as well as how to create a personal recipe book

✓ Cooking; learning basic techniques including peeling, chopping, mixing, measuring and some simple baking

✓ Washing up and cleaning - yes, those jobs everyone hates!


9889 Markham Road, Unit 4



L6E 0B7

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